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28 August 2015
28 August 2015

Sweden: OTC medicine cheapest online

The Göteborgs-Posten’s editorial review reveals that instead of the expected price drop, the prices of OTC medicines have increased since the deregulation. For the review, the today’s prices of 36 different popular OTC medicines were compared to the prices right before the deregulation in the autumn of 2009.

According to the review the price pressure mainly comes from online while the larger pharmacy chains all have quite similar high prices. At Apotek Hjärtat, Kronans Apotek and Apoteket AB that together operate three quarters of Sweden’s pharmacies, the regular prices have increased by 10–12% since 2009 while the consumer price index has gone up by 4% during the same period. The prices can be somewhat lower at regular grocery stores while the lowest regular prices for all the compared medicines were offered at the online pharmacy Apotea.

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17 July 2015
17 July 2015

Finland: Oriola-KD’s interim report meets analysts’ targets

Pharmaceutical wholesaler Oriola-KD has published its April – June and January – June 2015 interim report. The company reported its 2015 second quarter operating profit to be EUR 14.9 million (14.2), which had been accordingly forecasted by FactSet. The turnover from Q2 2015 amounted to EUR 417.1 million.

Seven analysts estimated the company to make an operating profit between EUR 14 and 15.3 million. The company was also expected to book net sales worth EUR 414 million.

Oriola-KD now expects its full-year net sales to remain at the 2014 level. The 2014 net sales from continuing operations amounted to EUR 1,612.3 million and operating profit excluding non-recurring items was EUR 59.1 million.

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