Oriola-KD is a pharmaceutical retail and wholesale company operating in Finland, Sweden and Baltic countries.


Oriola-KD’s pharmaceutical retail operations, i.e. pharmacies, are in Sweden. Furthermore Oriola Oy, an Oriola-KD company, owns an internet pharmacy in Latvia and two pharmacies in Riga.  Oriola-KD's pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution operations are in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. In addition Oriola-KD engages in health and wellbeing product marketing in Finland and the Baltic countries.


Oriola-KD’s goal is to provide an efficient and high-quality service to its customers, which are pharmaceutical and consumer health product manufacturers, pharmacies and grocery stores and their customers.


Oriola-KD’s net sales for continuing operations in 2014 were approximately EUR 1,6 billion. Company has approximately 2 350 employees of which 76 percent works for Oriola-KD's Swedish businesses and 24 percent in Finland and in the Baltic countries. Oriola-KD is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd and its headquarters are in Espoo, Finland.


  • Net sales for continuing operations in 2014 were approximately EUR 1.6 billion
  • Personnel 2.350
  • Own pharmacies more than 300
  • Number of distribution centers 7 (in Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania) 

Operating countries

  • Finland
  • Sweden
  • Baltic countries


Reporting segments

  • Pharmaceutical Trade Finland and Baltics
  • Pharmaceutical Trade Sweden