Business Operations

Oriola-KD is a pharmaceutical retail and wholesale company operating in Finland, Sweden and Baltic countries. Oriola-KD’s pharmaceutical retail operations, i.e. pharmacies, are in Sweden. Furthermore Oriola Oy, an Oriola-KD company, owns an internet pharmacy in Latvia and two pharmacies in Riga. Oriola-KD's pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution operations are in Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries. In addition Oriola-KD engages in health and wellbeing product marketing in Finland and the Baltic countries.


The Company Forms an Effective and Reliable Channel Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Consumers


Oriola-KD delivers pharmaceuticals, services and information to a variety of customers – manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products, hospitals, veterinary practices, grocery stores and pharmacies and their customers.


Oriola-KD ensures that pharmaceuticals and healthcare products are handled correctly and delivered in an unaltered state to the right place at the right time.


  • Pharmaceutical retail
  • Pharmaceutical wholesale
  • Consumer Health

Operating environment