Business Operations

Oriola-KD engages in pharmaceutical retailing, i.e. pharmacy operations, in Sweden and Russia, and pharmaceutical wholesaling and distribution in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic countries. In addition Oriola-KD markets health and wellbeing products in Finland and the Baltic countries.


Oriola-KD's net sales in 2013 was approximately EUR 2,6 billion of which 46 per cent of Pharmaceutical trade Sweden, 38 per cent of Pharmaceutical Trade Russia and 16 per cent of Pharmaceutical Wholesale Finland & Baltics. The pharmaceutical retail business account for 30 per cent of the Group total net sales and the pharmaceutical wholesale business 70 per cent. Oriola-KD's operating profit excluding non-recurring items in 2013 was EUR 29 million of which the pharmaceutical retail business account for approximately 55 per cent.

The Company Forms an Effective and Reliable Channel Between Pharmaceutical Companies and Consumers


Oriola-KD delivers pharmaceuticals, services and information to a variety of customers – manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products, hospitals, veterinary practices, grocery stores and pharmacies and their customers.


Oriola-KD ensures that pharmaceuticals and healthcare products are handled correctly and delivered in an unaltered state to the right place at the right time.


  • Pharmaceutical retail
  • Pharmaceutical wholesale
  • Consumer Health

Operating environment