Oriola-KD as an Employer

Oriola-KD Corporation is a leading pharmaceutical retail and wholesale company in Northern-Europe and Russia. Oriola-KD operates as an effective and reliable channel between pharmaceutical manufacturers and consumers as well as patients. The number of personnel in 2013 was over 5.200 and the headquarter is located in Espoo, Finland. Oriola-KD is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.


One of the key factors in ensuring company’s success is based on professional and competent personnel. The development of strategic competences is a key target in human resources management. Comprehensive work community development, accurate resource planning and promoting wellbeing at work are all parts of responsible human resources management. The company pays particular attention to the recruitment process, development of professional competences and personnel motivation.


International Possibilities

Oriola-KD offers various interesting positions in pharmacies and distribution centers and demanding specialist positions in offices. The recruitment process is handled via local recruitment channels in Finland, Sweden, Russia and the Baltic countries.


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Career Paths

I have always been trusted with great responsibility, which allows me to grow.

-Ulla-Marie Petersson,

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