As a pharmaceutical wholesaler and pharmacy operator, Oriola-KD has a responsible role in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Oriola-KD handles and delivers pharmaceutical manufacturers’ products safely, efficiently and on time, and provides appropriate pharmaceutical advice of a high quality in the Group’s pharmacies.
Patient and pharmaceutical safety is the most important requirement governing Oriola-KD’s operations. Pharmaceutical manufacturers’ products must be delivered to patients safely, efficiently and on time, regardless of circumstances. Professional customer service, pharmaceutical advice and a comprehensive product range of a high quality are the key factors ensuring success in Oriola-KD pharmacies.

The pharmaceutical sector is a strictly regulated industry. Oriola-KD complies with the applicable legislation, regulations and standards in its countries of operation while at the same time pursuing the Group’s own targets and observing its standards and procedures. Oriola-KD has obtained the required authorisations and environmental permits. Corporate responsibility is managed through Group-level, general and shared principles concerning governance and operations, which also cover risk management. Oriola-KD follows ethically sound business practices.