This Year, Oriola-KD’s Christmas Donation Will go to the Save the Children Organization


Oriola-KD’s traditional Christmas wishes funds will go, this Christmas, to the Save the Children organization. The donation will be used to support preventive child protection work in Finland.

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12 December 2014
12 December 2014

Oriola-KD plans to expand in Sweden

Oriola-KD plans to enter into new business segments in Sweden. According to the CEO Eero Hautaniemi, the company is interested in segments previously controlled by Apoteket AB, such as supplying healthcare with medicines and the market of dose dispensing of medicines.

After selling its about 230 pharmacies in Russia, Oriola-KD will now set stronger focus on Finnish, Swedish and Baltic markets. In Sweden, Oriola-KD owns and operates the wholesaler Oriola AB and Kronans Apotek, the second largest private pharmacy chain in Sweden after Apotek Hjärtat. The latter was recently acquired by Ica and grows notably when merging with Ica’s Cura pharmacy chain. According to Eero Hautaniemi, this is a positive change as there are no more short term owners left in the pharmacy market, and Ica is a large and professional player.

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Original article on Dagens Apotek in Swedish language
9 December 2014
9 December 2014

Finland: Oriola-KD sells its business to CJSC Apteki 36.6

Finnish pharmaceuticals and health care company Oriola-KD is divesting all its business in Russia. The buyer is Russian pharmacy chain CJSC Apteki 36.6. The cash and debt free sales price is EUR 56mn and it has been paid in cash. Oriola-KD estimates it will recognise a loss estimated at EUR 26mn from the sale. According to CEO Eero Hautaniemi, competition on the Russian market has been strong for several years and price regulation has made operations difficult. The Ukraine crisis has made business even more difficult. After the deal, Oriola-KD's profitability will improve from 2013. Operating profit excluding non-recurring items will grow from 2013.

Original article on Helsingin Sanomat in Finnish language

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