Career Paths

I joined Kronans Droghandel Apotek Ab’s HR team in January 2010. I found Kronans by seeing ads in all major Swedish newspapers. TThe new pharmacy chain was looking for new employees and I was very excited to apply. I signed the work contract just before Christmas. I remember coming to a Christmas party at the office where everyone was celebrating the future.

I work as an HR-partner, supporting regional and pharmacy managers in their daily leadership and HR matters. I am also responsible for our performance management process as well as training and development issues for our employees.


Kronans Droghandel is an exciting employer, there is always something new happening. I have always been trusted with great responsibility, which allows me to grow. I have great colleges and a great manager. I have a lot of fun.

- Ulla-Marie Petersson, HR-partner, Kronans Apotek



I started my career at Oriola during spring of 2006 inspecting incoming products. I also worked as an Introduction Co-ordinator with my job consisting of various logistical tasks.


Nowadays, I am a Warehouse Manager at the Juvanmalmi warehouse. I am responsible for the Juvanmalmi warehouse operations, such as incoming products, storage and collecting. I am also the foreman for the Juvanmalmi warehouse personnel.


I have been able to work with different warehouse tasks as well as learn about other logistics processes. Oriola is a large company with diverse work opportunities and the possibility to develop a career. Oriola has professional employees that are a pleasure to work with.

- Simeon Talja, Warehouse Manager




I started working at Oriola’s pharmaceutical sales in 2006. Before that, I was a pharmacist for six years at a pharmacy.


Over the years, pharmaceutical sales, now known as customer service, has change a lot. Customer service handles all customer assignments from orders to reclamations. Customer service is in contact with all of Oriola’s customers. Additionally, we co-operate with nearly every unit in Oriola.


I have enjoyed my time at Oriola. We have wonderful colleagues in customer service. Every day is different and it offers a nice balance of challenges. I have learnt a lot of new things at Oriola and had the opportunity to participate in training sessions. Oriola is a good employer.

- Maarit Hagelberg, Pharmaceutical Salesperson