Market Review

At the end of 2012, the annual value of the global pharmaceutical market was about EUR 900 billion. Oriola-KD operates on pharmaceutical markets with an annual value of about EUR 18.5 billion* **. The biggest of these markets is Russia, which has an annual value of about EUR 12 billion. The Swedish market is valued at about EUR 3.5 billion and the Finnish market at about EUR 2 billion. The Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets combined are valued at about EUR 1 billion.


In all its markets, Oriola-KD’s pharmaceutical wholesale business operates under the Oriola brand. Oriola-KD is the second largest operator on the Finnish and Swedish markets. Oriola-KD's market share of the Finnish pharmaceutical wholesale market was about 46 per cent (source: ATY), while in Sweden Oriola-KD estimates that its market share in the wholesale trade was about 38 per cent at the end of September 2014.


Oriola-KD engages in retail operations in Russia and Sweden. In Sweden, Oriola-KD operates under the Kronans Apotek brand and in Russia under the Stary Lekar and 03 Apteka brands. Oriola-KD is the third largest operator in Sweden and the company estimates that its market share was about 21 per cent at the end of September 2014. Oriola-KD had 303 pharmacies in Sweden and 229 pharmacies in Moscow area at the end of September 2014.


* wholesale prices in Finland, Sweden, the Baltic countries and Russia
** IMS Health Market Prognosis 2013-2017


Russia is Oriola-KD’s largest and fastest-growing market.

Operating Environment 2013


  • Size of markets
    ~3.5 EUR billion
  • Market growth -1.4%
  • Wholesale market
    position 2
  • Retail market position 3


  • Size of markets
    ~2 EUR billion
  • Market growth 1.8%
  • Wholesale market
    position 2


  • Size of markets
    ~1 EUR billion


  • Size of markets
    ~ 12 EUR billion
  • Market growth 10.7%
  • Wholsesale market
    position 6
  • Retail market position (Moscow region) 7