One of the company´s key success factors is its professional, competent and engaged personnel. The key priorities in human resources management are development of the company’s strategic competences and efficient resource planning. At the same time comprehensive work community development and promoting wellbeing at work are important elements of our responsible human resources management. The company pays special attention to the recruitment process, new employee orientation, development of professional competences, and motivational target setting and remuneration.


Oriola-KD aims to be the preferred workplace in the industry: one that provides interesting opportunities in the international business environment and develops the competences of its staff.


The goals of human resources management are always based on Oriola-KD’s business strategy and key strategy-based initiatives.


Personnel Development

Oriola-KD is committed to continuous development of its personnel’s professional competence. Some of the personnel training is about the pharmaceutical industry and is designed to ensure the high quality of operations and patient safety. Employees are also offered training in personal development areas to boost their competence in current positions or to prepare for new tasks or job rotation within the Group.


The company has paid special attention to developing managerial and leadership skills and customer orientation. Training in these areas has included several programs aimed at different target groups.


Personal development discussions are a key tool for performance management and development at Oriola-KD. The aim of these discussions is to define annual goals and development plans at the individual level based on the business strategy.


Regular employee engagement surveys provide valuable data on employee satisfaction and engagement and the need for development actions. These surveys are used actively in defining targeted development actions.


Job Vacancies

Oriola-KD promotes internal job rotation by publishing all open positions in the intranet. Anyone interested can apply via the recruitment system. Otherwise we selectively use different channels for targeted searches. We also co-operate in various ways with schools and universities in different countries.

Personnel by country

The number of personnel in Oriola-KD is approximately 2,350 of whom 76 percent works in Sweden and 24 percent in Finland and the Baltic countries.

Work at Oriola-KD