The changing business environment provides new business opportunities for Oriola-KD. To ensure our competitiveness in the changing environment, we are constantly developing our operations.


We will focus on improving our management of the entire supply chain in both our retail and wholesale business. We will also investigate the possibilities for expanding into new business areas in veterinary pharmaceuticals and the hospital business in Sweden. For pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies we aim to offer new solutions and the best customer experience in the market.


We will continue to develop our services business and to strengthen customer relationships in all of our markets. Our aim is to offer a superior digital customer experience to consumers and our other customers and to continue developing our webshops and online services. To ensure this, we will work more intensively and in cooperation with all our business units. We will begin by standardizing our processes and then developing our information systems.


We will enhance our position in the pharmaceutical channel:

  • Improve management of the entire supply chain
  • Enter the growing niche markets in B2B healthcare
  • From traditional wholesale business towards pharmaceutical service business
  • Integrated distribution and service platforms
  • Extended product assortment
  • Multiple channels to fulfil our customers’ needs, including innovative digital solutions
  • Common solutions and processes



Optimizing the entire supply chain from pharmaceutical companies to pharmacies will create clear competitive advantages and growth opportunities. We will also investigate possibilities for expanding into new business areas in veterinary pharmaceuticals and the hospital business.



We offer solutions to meet the needs of our customers – pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and veterinary clinics. We develop common service concepts and service models in the Nordic countries and the Baltic countries.



We aim to offer a superior digital customer experience, including high-quality customer services and a wide product assortment in our webshops. We will develop our existing webshops and the product assortment in and in Finland and Latvia. In Sweden we are planning to open two new webshops both for consumers and business customers in 2015.


For 2015 we have three main goals:

1. Development of digital channels.
2. Improving service businesses and expanding to healthcare B2B market.
3. Improving efficiency by exploiting group synergies.


These main goals cover all our businesses and countries of operation.


Long-term targets

  • To grow faster than the relevant markets
  • ROE (Return on Equity) target is over 15 per cent
  • Long-term average gearing ratio target is between 40 - 60 per cent

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