Code of conduct

Mutual trust and respect, customer focus, innovation and achievement, as well as quality, reliability and safety are the core values of Oriola-KD’s business. The company observes these principles with its personnel, partners and other stakeholder groups. Both Oriola-KD as an enterprise and its personnel must comply with the laws, regulations and norms of the countries in which the company does business, taking account of the company’s own objectives and norms as well.


Working environment and conditions

Oriola-KD strives to create and develop a working environment in which all of its employees can work safely and efficiently to achieve the company’s goals.



One goal of Oriola-KD is to produce information about its business openly and honestly, taking into account the continuous duty of disclosure that listed companies have as well as restrictions on information exchange.


Respect for privacy

As an employer, Oriola-KD and its employees are committed to complying with laws and regulations pertaining to other peoples' privacy. Our personnel also respect our partners’ trade secrets and confidential information.



Oriola-KD believes in fair competition. The company supports the fair development of competition and acts according to the applicable local laws and regulations.


Marketing of products and services

For its customers and partners in the market, Oriola-KD produces reliable services in strict observance of the guidelines issued by its customers and partners and in compliance with local legislation. Oriola-KD engages in competition honestly and operates according to local laws.


Environmental friendliness

Oriola-KD is committed to creating a sustainable relationship with its environment. Oriola-KD’s products and services, such as its storage, distribution, deliveries of equipment and outsourcing of products, have as small an impact as possible on the environment.


Discrimination and equality

All employees, applicants for employment and partners are equal in the eyes of Oriola-KD and they are treated as such, regardless of race, skin colour, religion, gender, age, origin or descent, any disability or disadvantage, sexual orientation, civil status, citizenship or any other discrimination factor prohibited by law.


Abuse and harassment are prohibited. At Orion-KD, there shall be no sexual, race-related or any other type of mental or physical harassment. This also applies to the actions of employees towards the company’s stakeholder groups.


In matters of compensation, Oriola-KD stresses fairness by taking account of the minimum wages in the field as well as the market and competitive situation at any given time.


Child labour

Oriola-KD shall not employ any person who has not yet reached the minimum working age stipulated by law. In matters regarding the age and working hours of persons in temporary employment, the company complies with local laws and regulations. Oriola-KD also strives to verify that its partners do not use child labour.


Bribery and illegal offers or other remunerative activities

Oriola-KD’s employees may not give or receive any bribes that influence decisions related to business operations or that have a significant personal nominal or monetary value.


Oriola-KD’s employees must avoid personal and financial activity that may be in conflict with their employment relationship with Oriola-KD. Particular discretion must therefore be exercised in these activities. Any limitations on taking a second job are stipulated in each employee's terms of employment. Personnel may not work for competitors.


Freedom to organise

All of the company’s employees may join or not join labour unions or other interest groups according to local laws.


Political activity

Oriola-KD may not hinder the freedom of its employees to choose their political viewpoints. Oriola does not participate in political activity by supporting any party-political constituency.


Compliance with and monitoring of ethical principles

Oriola-KD oversees these guidelines and its own personnel’s compliance with them. It also strives to promote equivalent principles among its partners and suppliers.


The Board of Directors and Group Management Team of Oriola-KD are responsible for making sure that the principles of its ethical guidelines are known to all employees and that the principles are understood and complied with.


Failure to comply with and breach of these or other Oriola-KD business practices may lead to disciplinary measures, in which case Oriola-KD may notify individuals it employs that their employment relationship will be terminated or may notify partners that their business relationship will be terminated.