Year 2011

In 2011 we continued to develop our businesses following the change in the Group’s structure.  These major changes place Oriola-KD in a unique position in the pharmaceutical retail and wholesale markets in Northern Europe and Russia.

Net sales

Net sales in 2011 grew 11 by per cent and exceeded the 2 billion euros mark for the first time, reaching 2.1 billion euros.

Market review

Oriola-KD operates in a pharmaceutical market worth EUR 18.5 billion. In 2011, the size of the pharmaceutical market in Finland was EUR 2 billion, in Sweden EUR 3.5 billion and in Russia EUR 12 billion.

CEO review

We will concentrate on the pharmaceutical retail and wholesale businesses in Finland, Sweden and Russia in line with our strategy, and our growth will be supported by the general growth of the pharmaceutical market, especially in Russia.